Masaru Suzuki - TEXTILE DESIGNER -

Graduated Tama Art University BA Dyeing and Weaving Design
After Graduated University, worked at Hiroshi Awatsuji Design Studio
In 1995, started to expand own business as a textile designer,
In 2002, established UNPIATTO INC, and started work as a founder.
In 2005, started own designed Fabric line OTTAIPNU.
In 2010, Joined as a member of designer at Finish Brand marimekko.
Work with various designers, venders, and brands in both Japan and overseas.
Also teaching design works for students at Tokyo Zokei University as a Professor.

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In 2006, cooperated with towel company Yoshii Towel at Imabari in Japan and started ‘OTTAIPNU TOWEL COLLECTION’
In 2009, exhibited collection at the one of the biggest Scandinavian exhibition HABITARE ahead!
Joined Spring Summer collection for Finish Linen company Lapuan Kankurit.
released ‘OTTAIPNU HANDKERCHIEF COLLECTION’ from Quarter Report Co.,ltd.
In 2010, released collection at Ambiente messe Frankfrut as a designer,chosen by Ministry of economy Trade and Industry Japan
Joined Autumn Winter collection at marimmeko
In 2011started umbrella collection ‘OTTAIPNU Umbrella & Parasol COLLECTION’ at MOONBAT Co., Ltd.
In 2012,joined ‘MOOMIN TRIBUTE WORKS’ at Quarter Report Co.,ltd. And also was praised MOOMIN PRODUCT OF YEAR
In 2013,designed fabric panel at THE GATE HOTEL KAMINARIMON
collaborated with Camper collection ‘CAMPER FOR HANDS’ and released colletion of ‘CAMPER BY MASARU SUZUKI’.
In 2014,cooperated with UNIQRO joined UT project which are released conceptual designed T-shirts inspired by souvenir ‘WORLD OMIYAGE 2014SS’ made 18 designs for T-shirt in this project.
designed Reception Art work and fabric panels at GRAND HOTEL GINZA TOKYO
Now exhibited ‘Exhibition of umbrella MASARU SUZUKI - bring out textile-’ at the gallery Spiral Garden Tokyo.